Something Old, Something New

Hello, and welcome to my new hang-out! This is my first website and I am giddy with excitement to begin this journey, “officially.” I have been working on weddings under the radar, so to speak, for a couple of years now. Shortly after opening my Etsy shop, I was approached by various brides asking if I did weddings. At first I said, no. Then gradually, I said I would try. Little did I know that I would completely fall in love with the whole process! There’s just nothing like participating in such a momentous occasion through my work. It is so fulfilling to listen to ideas and bring them to life for the purpose of celebrating love.

So here I am, taking this next step. Thanks to everyone who has followed along with me the past few years. And thank you to the sweet couples who welcomed me into their special days and had faith in me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do what I love.



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