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As I look back over last year and all the wonderful creative opportunities that came my way, I have to say that adding watercolor wedding maps to my list of services was pretty high on the list! For a few years I had been creating line-drawing maps and having SO much fun with those (and still am!). But when a bride approached me about doing a watercolor one, well, I couldn’t say no! It’s one of those projects I had been *meaning* to create a prototype for but got too caught up in other orders and the busyness of life to dedicate the extra time needed to bring it to life.

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Since that request, I’ve had the pleasure of creating several more watercolor maps, and fine-tuning my process in order to create a seamlessly lovely digital file as well as an original for keepsake purposes!  There’s just something so special about being asked to have my artwork included in such a personal celebration. It’s always an honor and a joy to step into another’s story and capture a snippet of it on paper!

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*All the photos in this post are from the talented Trevor Mark Photography @trevor_mark

The incredible flowers are by the unmistakable Antigua Floral + Styling @antiguafloral

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